Holographic Security Marking System Private Limited
Holographic Security Marking System Private Limited
Vasai, Palghar, Maharashtra
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About Us

About Us

BrandRakshak offers a wide range of products that not only make your brand stand out from the others, but can also protect your profit and brand by authenticating it from the look alike and spurious products.

We cover the following areas: Brand Decoration and Brand Authentication.

Brand Decoration - we offer unique BrandSleev range for beverage, fmcg, consumer products.

Brand Authentication - products to protect your brand from the profit sapping spurious and naquli products that attack your brand’s name and goodwill.

BrandRakshak caters to a wide range of industry sectors from pharmaceuticals, fmcg, beverage, consumer products, computer peripherals, document security, etc. We listen to your requirements and then develop a proposition that is optimized for your brand offering you the best solution.

About the Directors and owners

  • Pioneer and innovator of Embossed Holography in UK – 1980.
  • Clients served in UK: British Aerospace, Scan Bank, Coca Cola, Nestle France, Ford Motor Co, Applied Holographics, Light Impressions, etc
  • Rohitt D Mistry – Promoter, Director, Established Holographic Security Marking Systems P Limited in India 1996 – Shareholders Mistry family and IDBI.
Pioneered & developed 1st time in India:
  1. Pharma packaging Aluminium foil & PVC with Hologram;
  2. Hot stamping holograms for document security & labels.
  3. Hologram paper label;
  4. HoloSleevs for beverage bottles.
  5. Labels with transparent Hologram.
  6. Ultra destructible Power Meter Hologram Seals.

Holotechs Ethics & Principles

  • To undertake business in a manner that is:
  1. Ethical, honest and with integrity.
  2. Fair to all concerned parties.
  3. Beneficial to all parties.
  4. Must have positive effect on the local community.

Holotechs Goal

  • The goal of Holotechs is to assist our clients to:
  1. maximize their market share.
  2. with innovative and decorative products that enhance the look of their brands.
  3. Authenticate their brands from possible duplicates.
  4. consistent quality products on tine.

Common misconceptions about counterfeiting

  1. There is great awareness of counterfeiting, but apparent lack of understanding of the damage done by counterfeiting.
  2. Counterfeiting is often misconstrued by some as promoting the Brand for free.
  3. Brand authentication seen as costly.
  4. Cost focused - not benefit focused.
  5. Buying cheap is a problem like an iceberg: buying price is low but then with high hidden costs.

Some Truths About Counterfeiting

  1. Counterfeiting is not going to go away.
  2. It causes significant revenue loss and long term damage to the brand.
  3. Brand Authentication = Protection, as important as brand promotion.
  4. Counterfeiting causes “no cash loss” to the company, but significant impact on company’s profit.
  5. Senior management must champion anti-counterfeit strategy for successful implementation.
  6. Cost of authentication is very nominal: Returns are very high.
  7. Paradigm Shift In Thinking Is Required. From cost minimization to Benefit Maximization.

Guidelines for Brand Authentication

  1. If your Brand is successful than it is being copied.
  2. Add a Brand authentication device: Prevention better than cure.
  3. Brand authentication is an additive process.
  4. Holotechs hologram cannot be copied by any known printing techniques.
  5. Asses the risk faced by the brand.
  6. Develop authentication with Holotechs to address the risks.
  7. Monitor its effectiveness.
  8. Then go for sophisticated technology solutions.
  9. Keep It Simple (KIS)

Why Us ?

Why Us ?
Strengths of our establishment, which makes us far much better than any other similar organization are:

  • We have a fully equipped R&D lab, to create new products and stay a step forward of counterfeiters.
  • We deliver customized solutions to industry specific requirements.
  • We study every client''''s need individually, before developing a solution that provides enduring protection.
  • Our up to date facilities doesn''''t provides any scope for duplication.
  • Our flexible approach allows us to design system solutions that are comfortably modifiable. This is to efficaciously operate to meet the dynamic demands of the industry.
  • Cannot be tampered or re-used.
  • Can be easily applied to the product or documents.
  • Easily verifiable by the user / manufacturer.
  • Total brand protection.
  • Tamper-evident pilfer proof solutions.
  • Foolproof document authentication.

Our Warehouse

Our Warehouse